In short

Flipio is a technology that scrapes public property listing websites (such as Zillow / Rightmove), and generates alerts about listings that can be used for a buy-to-sell deal.

Flipio first uses its automatic valuation model to determine the Gross Development Value, then calculates the expenses involved into the deal and finally, determines the yield on the capital invested. If the listing passes the criteria set by the user, the user receives an alert within an hour of the listing creation time.

Flipio has been operating in Moscow, Russia since 2020 and is looking to expand internationally.

User benefits

The user, being a professional property investor or a developer,

How Flipio works

Flipio uses a comprehensive data processing pipeline:

  1. Scraping. Data from from the listing websites is merged with other data on the buildings, transit, social infrastructure and points of interest.
  2. Deduplication. Possible duplicate listings are merged.
  3. Training. Valuation model is retrained daily to provide for shifts in pricing levels.
  4. Filtering. Listings that are not eligible to became a property deal due to legal (based on the data available in their description) or liquidity reasons are filtered out.
  5. Valuation. Each listing is appraised for the condition that it will be brought into after refurbishment.
  6. Warnings are generated (the sale is urgent, the property is mortgaged, too much competition, too few photos etc.) to provide the user with additional information to filter the signals or prioritize his/her work accordingly.
  7. Comparables are determined and presented along with the analysis of what features influence the difference in value between the base listing and a given comparable.
  8. A profit & loss projection is generated for each listing, along with the yield calculation. All parameters are customized to match the strategy utilized by the user (mortgage or no mortgage? depth of refurbishment? standard project time? etc.)
  9. Alerts. Finally, the listing along with all its calculated data is checked against the user filter settings. If it matches the criteria set, an alert is sent to the user from the Flipio messaging bot or a lead is generated in the user's CRM system.